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Retrospect of 2016 Spring Festival Gala

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On January 31th, Chinese Scholar and Student Association(CSSA) successfully held the 2016 Spring Festival Gala. Hundreds of lights glittered in the Lory Student Center grand ballroom, and the whole room ranged with cheerful laughters.


Appearance makes gigantic difference. Students took off their casuals and suited up. Hostesses, hosts, and actors were all well-dressed, fully exhibited their professionalism and created a holiday atmosphere.


Not only Chinese students, teachers, and local families attended this Festival, some foreigners came to celebrate together. Don’t worry, CSSA prepared in advance. Our foreign friends participated in our games with English explanation, and also had delicious cakes. While enjoying the ethnic food, the audience can’t wait seeing our splendid performances.


Kids from local school perform lovable dance, students from CSSA played guitar, piano and Guzheng, as well as a fabulous comedy sketch. Applause broke out like spring thunder. In addition, lottery drew the attention of audience. The luxurious journey to Las vegas won by one of students . If you did not get anything, you could still participate in “grab the red pocket” activity via Wechat.

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Lastly, we should be thankful to the staffs who devoted their time and efforts to this event, as well as our guests. Look forward to seeing you next year! Happy Chinese new year!


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